Awareness-raising actions

Awareness-raising actions

Rencontres Audiovisuelles offer numerous actions to raise awareness towards images and media:

One-time programmes

Cycles for a young audience, special events, programming workshops (where inhabitants choose films), thematic programmes during an event… Rencontres Audiovisuelles offer numerous possibilities for programmes around the image and can organise projections for different publics, around various themes, and in different forms (short films, animated films, music videos, documentaries…) in collaboration with the partners.
Directors or specialists can be invited to participate in the session.

The organisation can also organise discovery sessions and events around an innovative form of audiovisual creation, Virtual Reality: selection of the films with the partner, technical installation, discussion etc.

A few examples of programmes:
. Regular programmes as part of young public screenings at the Gare Saint Sauveur, screenings of short films followed by a discussion – lille3000
. Screening-discussion around a short films programme for families – Le Labo, Cambrai
. Educational screenings about sustainable development issues – Collège François Mitterand, Thérouanne
. Screenings followed by a discussion around the films (in both content and style) – Micro-Folie of the maison Folie Moulins, Lille

• Discovery workshops

These workshops enable people to discover, in a short time, one aspect of cinema, audiovisual and/or media, as part of actions for children or parents-children.
Discovery of the pre-cinema (flipbook, thaumatrope…), of a profession of the cinema industry (dubbing workshops for example), 1h30-workshops on a specific theme, 30 minutes screening followed by a short workshop or a discussion…

The aim of these sessions is to enable participants to discover the vocabulary related to the audiovisual field and the different forms of creation, but also to express themselves, to develop a critical eye, to learn how to analyse images from the media, to address the use of images on social media, etc.

A few examples of discovery workshops:
. Discovery workshop for parents and children around the rotoscoping technique – maison Folie Wazemmes, Lille
. Interventions with groups of children from 10 to 12 years old, around the internet and image manipulation- Médiathèque Louis Aragon, Auby
. Screening for 2 to 3 year old children followed by a practical activity around optical toys – Médiathèque Estaminet, Grenay

• Innovative educational tools

Some educational tools have been developed by the organisation: 2 serious games (educational video games), Images 2.0 and Anim 2.0, and Escape games, created to approach image and media education in a flexible and playful way.

These tools can be used as educational material during awareness-raising actions.
The programme can be customised and adapted to the partners’ needs, according to the public, the duration of the session, what they intend to teach, with educational methods using the new technologies (tablets, Virtual Reality headsets, etc.)

Examples of Escape games:
. The dimensions of animation (total immersion in a mysterious animation studio)
. Hack (explore the universe of Youtube, conspiracy theories and fake news), developed with the support of the City of Lille, as part of the call for project Pratiques Numériques des Images et Médias (PNIM)

• Events

Rencontres Audiovisuelles organise key events around image education, especially the Village des Enfants (Children’s Village), organised every year as part of the Fête de l’anim’. During one weekend, the Village des Enfants offers numerous educational and playful activities to be shared as a family in a friendly atmosphere (screenings, exhibitions, workshops, parents-children spaces with applications on tablets and advices on the use of screens…).

Rencontres Audiovisuelles can also organise different types of workshops or interventions during events (for example: ACAP – Pôle régional image, Festival Photo de Loos, Forum Ère Numérique (Plaine Images), Numerik’Day, Festival Séries Mania…).

Time: throughout the year
Place: Hauts-de-France region

More information related to the awareness-raising actions of the Labo des images (news, events, archives…) on the website