Ciné Soupe

Ciné Soupe is an itinerant short films programme that travels around the Hauts-de-France region since 2002.

The audience is invited to discover a selection of short films (fictions, animations, documentaries, music videos, etc.) followed by a discussion and to share their impressions after the screening, over a bowl of soup.
A programme for schools, available for 5 different levels (from preschool to highschool), is also offered during the day, with an intervention and an educational file, to teach children how to read images.

Every year, Ciné Soupe stops in around 60 cities and villages, particularly in territories with no cinemas.

Since 2010, Ciné Soupe has been developing in Belgium, in association with the asbl Bah Voyons.

Time: September > June
Place: Hauts-de-France region, Belgium

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